Speaking at the launch and nominees’ announcement of this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, she stated that the little attention given to music education at basic schools is a ‘disservice’ to young music talents.

“Music is life! Music broadens and opens the minds of young people,” she said while addressing industry players at the event on Saturday, February 29. “Music makes them calmer, smarter, more responsible and keeps them out of trouble. It is also a viable career path just as other professions for which students are being prepared.”

She made a strong call, saying music education should be taken back to the basic schools.

“A wise man once said ‘without music, life would be a mistake’ and indeed, not paying attention to Music Education in our basic schools is a disservice to musically talented children, and a nation that persistently ignores the development of its creatives, deprives itself of the full value of the country’s creative economy. We must take music back to our schools.”

Mrs Ayoade also revealed that Charterhouse will establish Ghana Music Awards Foundation to address the challenges facing the music industry.

“After having ran this event for 20+ years and having witnessed first-hand the many challenges facing the Ghana music industry, which are mainly to do with the industry’s ecosystem or lack thereof, we are establishing the Ghana Music Awards Foundation to serve as a force for good and advocacy for the Ghana music industry, which will be officially launched later.”

To start with, Charterhouse will launch a music talent development initiative called ‘The High School Starz’ which will throw the spotlight on budding musical talent in secondary schools who have a desire to pursue music as a career.